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Welcome to the world of the finest luxury Natural Botanical Energy Skincare from GP DEVA


GP DEVA's "Herbal Energy Quintessence" skincare is formulated to perfection with pure natural herbal essence extracted from liquid-liquid extraction.

Completely free of artificial fragrance, the natural aroma brings you back into natures embrace.

Cutting-edge liquid extraction technology is used to lock in and preserve the precious untouched ingredients in plants. Blended in perfect proportions, the formulas achieve maximum effectiveness in stimulating the skins natural defenses, resulting in deeply nourished and protected skin, both inside & out.

Products have been safety tested in Japan and Taiwan containing no harmful contaminants and chemicals, such as mercury, lead, heavy metals, methanol and isopropyl.

Listed below are a few of Kathryn favorite essential GP DEVA products must haves for staying young.

These products are all perfect for Lash Extensions!


O'2 cleansing oil - $39

gently remove makeup and dissolve impurities for supple, clarified and luminous skin.

Sloosh Cleansing Dew - $49

just 1 drop of this natural herbal formula for a thorough skin cleansing, clarified and luminous skin. Unique natural fragrance both refreshing and cheerful

18 mmm Exfoliating Gel - $79

Natural amber particles remove aging keratin; restore skin's texture and radiance

Eye Makeup Remover - $29 (excellent for lash extension)

Non-irritating to eyes, apply 10-15 seconds to remove eye and lip makeup

Timely Refreshing Eye Gel $39 ( perfect for lash extension)

Astringent and clarifying effects, reduce dark and heavy eyes due to fatigue

Sleeping Beauty Night Repairing Brightening Mask - $49 (includes 7pcs x 5ml vol.) 


Hydration Lines:  GP DEVA carries and extensive line of products to fit your needs to keep you looking young & beautiful. You can request a consultation with Kathryn.

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