Lash Sheds:

the average person has between 90 - 120 natural lashes per eye (upper lid) And we aim to lash these all during a full set

Each eye sheds approximated 2 - 5 lashes every day. _ so lets average this at 3 lashes per day.

Which Means:

In 1 week you will lose 21 lashes

in 2 weeks 42 lashes

in 3 weeks 63 lashes

The when & Why you need lash fills! Typically you will need a fill by day 21! This way you have at least 50% of your extensions left when you come for a relash.

Lash Grooming

1. avoid wetting lashes for 2 hours after every application

2. Brush lashes daily

3. sleep on your back

4. Do not pick or pull lashes

5. cleanse daily

6. No Mascara

7. Get a fill every 3 weeks

8. Oil-free products only around the lashes

19.NO, NO, NO eyelash curlers EVER on natural or extensions

10. Heat from blow dryers, ovens, tanning beds, fires etc. proceed with caution natural lashes and lash extensions when exposed to very high temp. can get damaged.